Multidiciplinary and translational reseach to understand epilepsy

The lab focuses on understanding the neuronal mechanisms responsible for epilepsy and on the rules of single neuron excitability.

Our team is composed of neurophysiologists, neurologists, histologists and mathematicians. These multidisciplinary, and complementary, skills allow exploring the normal and pathological cerebral activities in their multidimensional facets: 1] from single neurons to large brain areas, 2] from intrinsic cell features to network dynamics and, 3] in a transversal perspective, from animal models to the patients’ beds. Since brain processes are correlated with, and mostly supported by, bioelectrical activities, our strategy is to

 record in animals and patients the electrical activities of individual neurons and networks. The corresponding theoretical framework is that brain functions and dysfunctions result from specific spatiotemporal dynamics in networks, which are sculpted by subtle interactions between synaptic connections and excitability of individual neurons. Based on this concept and these experimental strategies, we recently obtained significant insights into the mechanisms of generalized and partial epileptic seizures, the functional role of endogenous brain activity and the processes of memorization at the single cell level, the so-called « intrinsic memory ».



Intracellular Electrophysiology




EEG Video

Electrodes implantation in patient