We collaborate with many teams thoughout the world. Here is a sample of them

Leguern-Baulac Team

Eric Leguern and Stéphanie Baulac
Another team of the ICM, mastering biomolecular and genetics approaches. With them we characterize new genetic models of epilepsy.

Stéphanie Baulac about epilepsy

Prof A. Depaulis

Antoine Depaulis
We are collaborating with Antoine for more than 15 years now sharing our experiences on epilepsy in particular using the GAERS model.

Prof M. Valderama

Mario Valderama
Mario is a former PhD student of Michel Le Van Quyen. We share ideas and students.


Several academic and clinical researchers of our lab are involved in companies using brain activities to improve cognitive performance and seizure detection in patients. Check the following websites:

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